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I'm on GitHub

At this year's SCaLE, it was requested of me to start putting my obscure projects on GitHub. I have started doing this and you can find my repository at

My Talk at SCaLE 12x

SCaLE 12x logo

I originally meant to sign up to help with the kid's stuff at SCaLE 12x. If you have no other reason to go, go for game night - good times. However, on the kids email list, there was a call out for more volunteers for the beginner talks. Heck, I could do that! Right?

Linux Link Check Tool

I swear ethtool used to be able to give status on a link without having to plumb the interface. This is just bogus waste of time.

What I need ASAP in my sysadmin world is a very small network tool, installed by default, that will quickly check link light, media options, and if connected, what networks it's connected too. I can't be the only one who's sturggled with miscabled systems or the enumeration of ports. Why doesn't this exist!?


Lame Hack To Paste Info To Your Terminal

No, I don't mean post it notes. Sometimes it's handy to take notes coalesced elsewhere and put them on the screen you're working on. Instead of opening a editor temporarily, use the shell. Here's my lame way to do that.

$ echo << EOF
> sdf
> sdf

You exit out with a ^D (or ctrl-d for those in the windows world)


Quick Setup Notes: Network Bonding on RHEL 6

Things are a bit changed from RHEL 5 to 6, but if you are familiar with configuring bonding by hand, you'll be able to adjust.

iLom cheat sheet

I can't believe how much time I wasted today trying to remember the escape sequence for iLom! Here's some notes to avoid some pain.

Can't do ssh key login because of SElinux

This one really threw me off. I buld a rhel-6.1 test box, and I couldn't get in using the root ssh key I loaded into ssh-agent. The `ssh-copy-id` worked fine. However, I was getting prompted for the account password (not my key's password). Here's what I saw and here's how to get around it.

How To Change Timezone to UTC on RHEL5

Did you know there's a difference between GMT and UTC? I didn't. I haven't found it stated succinctly on the web, but it has to do with leap seconds and the increase of them due to tidal deceleration. Tidal deceleration is like how it is difficult to move a big tub of water around due to the inertia being in liquid form absorbing energy. The point is, I needed to change the timezone on some servers and here are my notes.

How to set the mail relay on a rhel6 box

rhel6 uses postfix by default (very nice). I've been used to changing the DS line in /etc/mail/ Now, what you do is:

postconf -e "relayhost = [myrelay.fqdn]"

It can't hurt to make sure you have the right setup. Here's what I have on one of my rhel6 systems

What services are running on my Linux box?

The answer is technically /bin/ps -ef. But what you really want is /bin/netstat -plunt. Netstat prints network connections, routing tables, interface statistics, masquerade connections, and multicast memberships. The switches that make this possible and handy are:


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