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Quick Setup Notes: Network Bonding on RHEL 6

Things are a bit changed from RHEL 5 to 6, but if you are familiar with configuring bonding by hand, you'll be able to adjust.

How To Change Timezone to UTC on RHEL5

Did you know there's a difference between GMT and UTC? I didn't. I haven't found it stated succinctly on the web, but it has to do with leap seconds and the increase of them due to tidal deceleration. Tidal deceleration is like how it is difficult to move a big tub of water around due to the inertia being in liquid form absorbing energy. The point is, I needed to change the timezone on some servers and here are my notes.

Notes on RHEL Server as a desktop

I've been using RHEL5 as my desktop since 9/2009. I thought it was best to work on the same OS as the servers. Ultimately, I think that was a bad idea and I will be switching to Fedora soon. Here's my notes to remind me how to do things I rarely do.

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd=RHEL6.0-20100715.2-Server-i386-DVD1.iso

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