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How to add storage to oracle blade servers via qlogic and powerpath

I inherited a rhel4, 10g rac with EMC Clariion storage. Here's how I add more storage to keep it on life support.

First, create the storage on the EMC in Navisphere. (I'm assuming you know how to do this)
Also notice, the zoning is still in place - no need to touch it or add anything to the san.
Next, get the server to see the new luns. I don't know where this qlogic binary came from, but it worked good for us.

cd ql-dynamic-tgt-lun-disc-2.5

Count how many devices and how many luns you have right now.

./ -cl | wc -l
powermt display dev=all | grep -c LUN

Next, scan for the luns. I could interrupt production, but I've never seen that happen in practice.

./ -s

Check and see if you found more luns than before.

./ -cl | wc -l

Now, get powerpath to recognize the new luns:

powermt config

Last, make sure the new storage was added to the config:

powermt display dev=all | grep -c LUN

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