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George Robinson has been taming technology since his 1981. His first bitter taste of UNIX was in 1987 with Xenix 2.1.1. George's youth was spent in building electronics and writing programs to post on the local BBS. In high school, he became involved in student radio and was hired by the top station in the market. After high school, he spent two years traveling the western United States and Canada with REACH Youth Ministries. George double majored in Psychology and Music Theory at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. During college, the Internet wave hit Montana and his hobby skills were in high demand. George finally went pro in 1998 and has been trying to automate himself out of a job ever since. He rode the Internet boom to Orange county. Making the most of his diverse experience, he pursues a career in systems administration. He has had roles in numerous startups and has been a systems administrator in enterprises like Verizon Wireless, Yahoo and Nestlé.

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