I’ve been though many hummingbird feeders.  Certainly all the ones at local garden stores and I think all of the the different designs available from big A.  In my experience in southern California, if it’s not on my list, the hummers only give it a shot as a last resort.  I will see them try and try again a favorite empty feeders before giving up and going to a feeder that is not on my list.

Here’s my advice and my list, for my part of the world:

The Best Humming Bird Feeder

BY FAR the number one feeder is More Birds® Bird Health Ruby Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Ant Moat – 10 oz

More Birds® Bird Health Ruby Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Ant Moat - 10 oz, Lifestyle

All the More Bird feeders seem to be favorites.  It may not exactly be the translucent red, but I think it’s a factor.  I know it is not the cool rubberized flowers.  Perhaps it’s the ergonomics for the hummers.  I have also tried adding the every so evil red dye to the nectar.  It makes it prettier, and it works to draw hummers in.  Based on feedback, it also proves that I hate nature and all that is in it.  However, in my area, the hummers are territorial.  Once a site is established, you don’t need the extra flash of color.  I suspect the sound of the fighting alpha bird alerts others for where to look for food and build nests.

DO NOT get the larger size versions.  They work, but even using nectar with preservatives, you will need to clean them and replace the nectar before they are empty – at least for my area. 

Over all, as life happens and I expand, I would guess that I will eventually move to almost exclusively use these feeders.  I will have a couple spots where feeders are right next to each other, and in that case, the feeder next to it will be…

Runner Up:

The second best humming feeder, and bonus points for beauty is ANY of the Muse Garden Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeders

Muse Garden Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder  - 27 Ounces - Starry Night

These blown glass feeders are terrific for human eyes.  I suspect the base is favorable to the hummers and many different designs get mostly the same results.  Apparently hummers hate America because their least favorite is the Patriotic Spirit design – it’s what they go to last.  Other feeders, brands not on this list, they just won’t even try to use.  Besides, I got that one to capture morning sunrise light, but the one I received is much darker than pictured and doesn’t diffuse the light well.

You should be warned, the base is metal the will eventually rust.  My oldest one of these feeders is still in use after at least three years (but I think it’s more).

Honorable Mention:

If I don’t mention the High Perch™ Hummingbird Feeder, I will be flamed, criticized and nagged off the internet.  It’s the number one design any normal bird watcher will recommend.  I can tell you, the knock-off brands are sub-par.  You’ll often see they are not balanced, and the ergonomics are wrong for the birds, so they don’t like them as much.  And off brands include the Perky Pet version.

Also Ran:

Perky Pet has a big showing in this market and should be mentioned.  I have spent quite a bit of money on Perky Pet feeders that are now in a landfill.  The only one I’d consider using again is the Perky-Pet® Our Best Royal Berry Hummingbird Feeder.  I thought it might have been the purple, but the other purple feeder did not get activity like this one.  This was a well used second favorite.  It was harder to clean the outside of it, and eventually looses is color being bleached by the sun.  I’d buy it again if the situation was right.

Not Recommended:

All the rest.  Seriously.  All those antique looking ones are to sell to humans.  They were avoided by my birds.  All the “fill from the top” – totally avoid.  They spill more, wear out faster (loose seal) and get invaded by bugs or bacteria faster than the normal design.


HummingbirdSo, go out and get a More Birds feeder to put outside your window and enjoy the beauty, splendor of these amazing creatures – hummingbirds.