Yes, I know I haven’t written in a while, so I’ll post this quick update for all groupies*

• Family: Kids are awesome. Summer will be nice as there will be much less activity for us. I hope to teach them some guitar and bass this summer. Mostly I’m hoping we work on some home projects this summer.
• Work: I’m busy on a big migration into our infoblox grid. If you don’t know about infoblox, they’re not cheap, but they are an awesome solution for DNS, DHCP and IP address management.
• Computers: CoreOS/Docker has really caught my eye. I accidentally left a three node cluster up on AWS doing nothing and suddenly got a bill for $50! Cripes. I’m more interested in setting up CoreOS on physical hardware. And check out that docker is written in the Go language (impressive). There are also a number of drupal projects I’ve been putting off that I need to get to… but the coreos stuff is so much more fun! I also have this crazy idea for my next SCaLE talk: “How To Build Your Own CDN From Common Household Items”
• Music: I’ve needed a new, good 12 string for a while. Taylor is now selling a low end, dirt cheap PLAYABLE 12 string that will have to do. I was one of the first to put in an order for one and it should be arriving soon. I am also working on a small project with a vocalist I met at a car wash. Yes, there’s a story, but that’s for a different time. I’m taking their song and am going to build it out to force myself to do a smidgen of transcription and composition.
• Health: Hey, it’s so cool that my eye is fixed. I’ve been very impressed with Wright Eye Center. Dr. Wright is literally wrote the book on strabismus and developed the surgery to correct it. I’m getting better about menu planning to get cheap, healthy and diverse food down our gullet. That exercise thing… writing this up when I should be sleeping counts, right?

*ok, maybe the singular would have been more appropriate