I originally meant to sign up to help with the kid’s stuff at SCaLE 12x. If you have no other reason to go, go for game night – good times. However, on the kids email list, there was a call out for more volunteers for the beginner talks. Heck, I could do that! Right?

Yes, of course, but I drastically underestimated the effort involved in putting together a talk and my amazing efforts as procrastination. The night before, I’m up late trying to review every example for accuracy (and I failed). The day of, I got to check in at a different line (uptown!) and I got to camp out in a different room than all of the riff-raff. 🙂 Mostly, I was happy to give a little bit back to the community that has helped me so much.

I was very nervous, not for the talk or the public speaking, but for the nit-picking. I gave the talk and it went ok. I did get one criticism that if I’m going to copy and paste commands into a slide show, I should at least run them first. I spent the night before trying to test every command, but I did miss a couple. In addition, the source of the commands was mostly from my history files.

Overall, it seems like it was helpful to a few people. The bombastic title, “Magical SysAdmin Incantations for New Freedom Fighters“, helped fill the room too.

I will see if SCaLE would like me to re-present the talk next year. If so, what I will do different is:
– Make the slide more visually exciting. Sorry Libre Office, you’re not cutting it.
– Make sure I don’t sound like a robot. I was too mono-tone. Make it sizzle.
– Add more stories. Take each of the commands and lead the audience through a story they can relate to. This will make the talk fun, interesting and memorable.
– Do a better job with the book give away. If I lock down the commands better, it goes to the first person to find a typo.
– Be done 4 weeks ahead. Proof check one more time 1-2 weeks ahead.

At this year’s SCaLE, Docker and CoreOS were all the rage (with good reason). I intend to follow up on them big time. I got distracted reading up on Docker. There’s not much in the way of docs, so I started reading the code. It’s written in “go.” I’ve never seen it before, but I like what I see so far.

My other follow up is to dive a bit into Ktap. I’m hoping by SCaLE 13x, I’ll be able to write a better and more technical talk on a new technology.

Go to SCaLE. Good times, great people, brilliant tech and completely geeky.