I can’t believe how much time I wasted today trying to remember the escape sequence for iLom! Here’s some notes to avoid some pain.

First off, the escape sequence is not `#.` or `Escape-(`, it is `Esc (`. That means, hit the esc key, let go, then hit the left parentheses, and let go. I hate to seem condescending, but there’s lots of ways to screw this up, and I explored many of them. The escape sequence is what you enter to get out of using the console. To get into the console, type in:

start /SP/console

Yes, caps matter – just like a real computer. It’s Sun (now Oralce) and therefore unixy.

Today, I was using “goSerial” on my mac, and I found I *shudder* couldn’t paste! Hopefully, you don’t have this problem. If so, here’s how to quickly configure the network on the iLom.

set /SP/network pendingipdiscovery=static pendingipaddress= pendingipgateway= pendingipnetmask= commitpending=true

To be clear, there are no angle brackets in the above line.